ESNZ Membership Review Feedback

Published 11 April 2017

The ESNZ board has completed a month-long consultation exercise with all members on proposed changes to the membership model and what that might look like moving forward.

ESNZ would like to thank those members who took the time to provide feedback directly on ESNZ’s membership review discussion document.

ESNZ would also like to thank and acknowledge those area groups/clubs that held meetings around the country to offer members a way of providing feedback.

A large number of ideas and issues have been logged and ESNZ is underway with working through all the feedback received.  In total, submissions were received from the following:

  • Discipline boards
  • 14 area groups / clubs
  • 72 individuals

Taking into account the feedback of the members and discipline boards the final membership structure may be slightly different from the structure originally proposed in the discussion document. 

In short, the ESNZ board is proposing a two pronged approach with some immediate changes to assist with the financial issues and a longer term review of some of the more intricate issues highlighted in the feedback.

Further analysis, discussion and feedback on the immediate changes are required with the discipline boards before a final proposal is reached and communicated to the ESNZ membership.  We will be in touch as soon as we have more information.  ESNZ will then be looking to establish a working party that will work with ESNZ staff on the longer term review.

Thank you once again to those disciplines, area groups/clubs and individuals who provided feedback, it was greatly appreciated and will assist ESNZ in moving the sport forward in a collaborative and positive way.