Volunteer of the Month

April 2015

Gemma Horan & Cody Bragg


Proving that volunteers come in all shapes, sizes and ages are this month’s volunteer of the month award joint winners.

Brother and Sister duo Cody Bragg and Gemma Horan are often spotted about ride base, busily helping out where they can. 12 year old Gemma likes to work in the vet ring. She says she “likes being with the horses and the vets are really nice”. She has learnt a lot about her sport just from helping out. 15 year old Cody’s favourite job is vet gate. He likes directing the horses into the ring and handing out the vet slips. He’s not a rider but going to rides gives him a chance to hang out with his family and spend the day outside.                                                                                                                           

Gemma is often seen out on course on her favourite pony, 19 year old Miro Mistaya (Pixie). Both Gemma and Pixie like to go fast so they have had to learn to slow down and ride to the conditions but they can’t resist a cheeky canter when the moment takes them!! Gemma also likes when she gets to ride with her mum. Gemma’s favourite sport is horse-riding but she also likes running, karate, netball, touch rugby and listening to music.

When he’s not on the endurance scene helping out, Cody likes mountain biking, playing Xbox and managing his paper run of 50 papers/pamphlets twice a week. He also enjoys road bike riding with his Dad where they cover 20-30km a week!

What makes Gemma & Cody good volunteers, is that they are both very dedicated to their role. If they are given a job they see it through right to the end and they never complain. Cody has been assigned many of the jobs at ride bases and he always does them to a high standard.

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