ESNZ Rules

ESNZ Constitution:

The Annual General Assembly, held on 6th September 2013 adopted alternations to the ESNZ Constitution.pdf - Effective 1st of August 2014

ESNZ General Code of Conduct:

ESNZ General Code of Conduct for Riders, Officials and Team Management

General Regulations:

Summary of General Regulation Changes - August 2017

General Regulations - Version 2.0 - updated August 2017 - Clean Version

General Regulations - Version 2.0 - updated August 2017 - Marked Up Version

Special Regulation - National Selection - updated August 2017

Social Media Policy:

ESNZ Social Media Policy

Anti-Match Fixing Policy:

ESNZ Anti-Match Fixing and Sports Betting Policy

Stewards Manuals:

ESNZ Steward Manual
FEI Stewards Manuals

Coach Code of Ethics:

Coach Code of Ethics

 NEC By Laws:

NEC By Laws.pdf

 Portable Yarding:

Yarding guidelines.pdf

 "Official Warning" National Procedure:

Under review

Protest Form:

Protest Form

Complaint Form:

Complaint Form

 Stallion Guidelines:

Stallion Guidelines.pdf

Stud Prefix List: