Both Petrol and Diesel are significant costs that add further to the expense of transporting Horses from stables to event, and back. Fuel costs are slowly increasing Nationwide and are a large part of the annual spend on Equestrian activities.

Equestrian Sports New Zealand and FnF Fuels have jointly organised an exclusive discount especially for ESNZ and its members. The discount is available on both Petrol and Diesel. There is a choice of fuel supply outlets, as well as a choice of the type of discount you will receive. FnF Fuels allow for the option to have your discount applied to either;

• The price of fuel at the pump
• The current ‘National Price’ on fuel

Please feel free to contact us FnF Fuels for clarification around which card will work best for you. To simplify the differences between the two cards;

• The ‘Pump Price’ fuel card will give a better rate within Metro areas
• The ‘National Price’ fuel card will give a better rate in Rural areas

FnF Fuels have the choice of BP, Mobil and Caltex branded fuelcards.  FnF Fuelcards are for use nationwide in both Truck Stop sites and regular Service Stations.

Discounts for ESNZ members are as follows:

BP 8 cents per litre off National price on Diesel and Petrol at service stations.
Mobil 9.5 cents per litre off Petrol and Diesel at Service Stations and Truck Stops (option for both National Price and Pump Price cards).
Caltex 4.5 cents per litre off at Service Stations on Petrol and Diesel and 9 cents a litre on Diesel at Truck Stops
To find out where the nearest and cheapest stops are for filling with diesel at the sites that accept FnF Fuelcards click here.

Contact FnF Fuels now to discuss the benefits available to all ESNZ members. Call us now toll free on 0800 43 83 83 or email us fuels@fnffuels.co.nz