South Island Eventers Enjoy First Event of the Season

Published 14 September 2017

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    Lydia Truesdale and Allander Rocket.

    Photo by Sophie Simson Photography.

Eventers turned up in full force and so did the weather for Eventing Canterbury’s first event of the spring season. 

Day One 

More than 200 combinations arrived at the NEC Christchurch, Mcleans Island on Saturday for the dressage and show jumping phases. 

At the completion of the dressage in the slight-numbered CNC2* class, Lydia Truesdale and Allander Rocket held a narrow lead over Brodie Roberts and SR Livingstone. A clear show jumping round with 3 time faults attached kept Lydia in poll position, with Brodie picking up an unfortunate two rails on SR Livingstone and three on Playmaker.  

In the hotly contested CNC1*, Larissa Srhoy and Rockquest produced a characteristically polished dressage test to sit 3 points ahead of second-placed getters Courtney Davis and By Hoki. An unfortunate rail in an otherwise lovely show jumping round meant Larissa and ‘Rocky’ handed the lead to Courtney and ‘Jack’, who had produced a faultless show jumping.   

Jordan Krugar and Bamboozle, and Annabelle Jones and Braxton Boy sat in poll positions in each of the CNC105 classes at the end of day one.  

Charlotte Thomas and Te Puke, and Danielle Chambers and Rosewood Zakee held the leads in the CNC95 classes heading into cross-country; Raquel Cook and Karaka Commander, Kelly Tyson and Southern Z, and Emma Husband and Griffin’s Ginger in the CNC80 classes; and Louise Hipkins and High rise in the CNC65.  

Day Two 

Cross-country day began as a glorious, sunny morning in North Canterbury with the picturesque backdrop of the snow-clad Southern Alps, but it wasn’t to last. A black wall of formidable-looking weather quickly made its way north, to catch out the last remaining competitors of the day in very trying conditions that included gusty winds and hail.  

In the CNC2*, Lydia and ‘Rocket’ produced a clear cross-country round, adding 17 time faults to their score to win the class by 40 points. Brodie’s day didn’t quite go to plan but she notched a couple of educational completions that she’s bound to bounce back stronger from next time.  

“The cross-country was such fun and Rocket gave me a super ride. It was a really well-designed track that used the ground and undulations thoughtfully to produce a fair variety of questions, I thought,” Lydia said.  

“I’m especially stoked that I got to run after discovering the day before that there were only stud holes in one of Rocket’s shoes. Big thanks to my farrier Gareth from Selwyn Forge Farriers for coming to the rescue late on Saturday!”  

In the CNC1*, Courtney Davis added just 0.8 time faults to her day-one score to win the class by the skin of her nose – finishing 0.2 points ahead of Larissa Srhoy and Rockquest. A special mention goes to young rider Mikayla Green on board Star’s Ransom, who moved up from fifteenth after dressage to finish in sixth place overall with their double clear performance.  

Courtney was in flying form as she also picked up the win in the CNC105A, on board her starry young mount Dunrobin Gancanagh. The pair were the leaders after the dressage, then briefly dropped into second place after show jumping after picking up 7 time faults, before bouncing back under the pressure of close scores to take another narrow class win, again by 0.2 points. 

In the CNC105B, Annabelle Jones and Braxton Boy produced a faultless performance to finish on their dressage score of 32.1 and take the win in the 18-strong class.   

Young rider Charlotte Thomas riding Te Puke led the CNC95A from start to finish with a double clear performance, to finish on their commendable dressage score of 28.3. Danielle Chambers and Rosewood Zakee also led from start to finish to claim the win in the CNC95B.  

In the CNC80 grade, crafty flag placement exiting the water was an invaluable reminder to riders to cross their T’s and dot their I’s when walking the course. It caught out a good handful of competitors – 7 to be exact – including the leaders of the A and B classes, Raquel Cook and Kelly Tyson.  

This saw Kyla Dimmock and Wembleybrook Monarch claim their first win in the grade after knocking on the door for some time now, taking out the CNC80A with a double clear performance on a score of 31.3 

Eloise Thomas and Albereco jumped double clear over the two days to win the CNC80B on their dressage score of 26.3 – the lowest final score of the competition – while Jo Benison and Starlight Express won the CNC80C, also on a double clear performance.  

Finally, in the CNC65, the honours went to Louise Hipkins and High Rise who added just the one rail/4 faults in show jumping to their impressive dressage score of 23.2, to finish on a total of 27.2.  

The hard-working Eventing Canterbury committee, who hosts six events every year as well as running express events and twilight training days, would like to extend its warmest thank you to all the volunteers, officials and sponsors who not only make these events possible, but also well-run and enjoyable. 

This event marked the commencement of the inaugural Mitavite Cool Crusada Eventing Canterbury Series 2017/2018, as well as being the first opportunity riders had to gain points towards the national ESNZ Eventing Series.  


CNC2*: Lydia Truesdale and Allander Rocket, 61.8, 1; Brodie Roberts and Playmaker, 107.5, 2; Brodie Roberts and SR Livingstone, 216, 3.  

CNC1*: Courtney Davis and By Hoki, 32.8, 1; Larissa Srhoy and Rockquest, 33, 2; Isabella Ashworth and Mr J F Hawk, 38.1, 3; Rebecca Smithey and SD Amourosi, 40, 4; Lucy Turner and Astek Victor, 40.9, 5; Mikayla Green and Star’s Ransom, 41.6, 6. 

CNC105A: Courtney Davis and Dunrobin Gancanagh, 39.4, 1; Kirk Magner and Kawhaka Concorde, 39.6, 2; Karen Klinac and Eerie Lass, 42.2, 3; Millie Harrex and Damontez Jewel, 42.9, 4; Johanna Wylaars and Corivale Greased Lightning, 45.6, 5; Samantha Muff and Willie Roydon, 46.9, 6. 

CNC 105B: Annabelle Jones and Braxton Boy, 32.1, 1; Jordan Shrimpton and Ka Pai Kiwi, 32.9, 2; Charlotte Coleman and My Rocket Man, 33.1, 3; Tarryn Jones and Kemdale, 36.4, 4; Paige Hardwick and Versailles, 38.1, 5; Elizabeth Wylaars and Wairoa Renegade, 39.6, 6.  

CNC95A: Charlotte Thomas and Te Puke, 28.3, 1; Mikayla Green and Wolkenstar, 29.1, 2; Lucy Baker and Smart Spark, 30.5, 3; Rebecca Smithey and Mr O’Likely 31.8, 4; Abbey Baker and Good Luck Charlie, 32.4, 5; Caitlin Rayne and Brentwood Surprise, 33.1, 6.  

CNC95B: Danielle Chambers and Rosewood Zakee, 30.5, 1; Claudia Wilson and Tripel Shot, 33.8, 2; Fabriana McQuarrie and Yippee Ki Yay, 34.5, 3; Emma Barker and Emerson, 35.5, 4; Bailey Clifford and Rokocoko II, 38.8, 5; Emily Cammock and Cracker, 39, 6.  

CNC80A: Kyla Dimmock and Wembleybrook Monarch, 31.3, 1; Sophie Rosanowski and Kennybrooke Q, 34.2, 2; Sophie Pickens and Madam Masala, 34.5, 3; Imogen Morrison and Déjà Vu III, 35, 4; Brooke Fodie and Gandalfs Gold, 37.6, 5; Vanessa Hale and Blue Springs Connie, 37.9, 6.  

CNC80B: Eloise Thomas and Albereco, 26.3, 1; Larissa Srhoy and Copper Tone, 26.6, 2; Danielle Chambers and Gleneyre Exclusive, 36.1, 3; Alison Sutton and Aquila’s Altair, 36.6, 4; Jayda Loper and High Plains Touch of Gold, 37.6, 5; Sarah Harper and Bluesprings Holly, 38.2, 6.  

CNC80C: Jo Benison and Starlight Express, 35, 1; Tinesha Benson and Illywhacker 2, 35.3, 2; Nicole Bulford and Harlequin Spark, 38, 3; Lily Taylor and My Holly, 40.3, 4; Brigette Mackay and Night Hawk, 41.4, 5; Stella Williams and Paladin Park Viva, 44, 6.  

CNC65: Louise Hipkins and High Rise, 27.2, 1; Kelly Tyson and Southern Crusade, 32.1, 2; Claudia Wilson and Strate Shot, 32.4, 3; Kate Higgins and Prince, 36.6, 4; Fleur Carter-Hodder and Binnawie Perdite, 48.8, 5; Grace Gormack and Sunset Hill Xmas Holly, 50, 6.