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Please familiarise yourselves with the content of this website page and visit it regularly for updates.
For the purpose of Clean Sport, ESNZ has chosen to adopt the FEI Regulations and Prohibited Substances Databases.  We recommend that you familiarise yourself with these as follows, for ALL ESNZ competition.
How ESNZ Testing Works - A simple and easy to understand guide to how ESNZ testing works.
The purpose of this Medication Logbook is to serve as a record of each and every medication given to the horse from the FEI Prohibited Substance List. The completion of this Logbook is a compulsory requirement for all horses registered with the FEI and competing in FEI competition.
The purpose of this database is to help you identify which substances are prohibited under FEI regulations. Information such as substance definition, common usage and common trade names are available. You must be aware that the list of trade names is not exhaustive but it reflects the most popular trade names in certain countries. The trade names used may be different in your country therefore it is imperative you always use the database to check for active substances rather than trade names.
2017 FEI Prohibited Substance List (updated each year on 1 January)

FEI List of Detection Times

Approximate detection times for which a drug (or its metabolite) remains in a horse’s system such that it can be detected by the laboratory. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE.