Clean Sport Information - Horses

Any enquiries with regards to ESNZ Clean Sport can be made in writing to any one of the Clean Sport Panel Members:

Tony Parsons
ESNZ Chief Veterinarian General

Heidi Bulfin
National Sport Administrator 



If your area group/club would like to know more about ESNZ Clean Sport, how testing works, herbal and natural medicines, the importance of maintaining an FEI logbook and much more, please contact Heidi Bulfin,  to arrange a date and time for a Clean Sport Panel Member to come and speak to your group/club.



What’s the difference between a Controlled Medication and a Banned Substance?
Neither is permitted medications and the horse must be free of them at the time of competition.
Controlled Medications are substances that are recognised as therapeutic in the horse and are likely used from time to time between competitions eg. anti-inflammatories and sedatives.

Banned Substances have no legitimate use in the horse.
The difference really lies in the sanctions imposed if a horse returns a positive test. The presence of a Banned Substance is taken as evidence that there has been a deliberate doping offence. The presence of a Controlled Medication could be because of poor advice/error around a with-drawl time.

The penalty for the presence of a Banned Substance is likely to be more severe than the penalty for a positive to a product on the Controlled Medication list.