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Nicholson on Track for Back to Back Win

Published 09 July 2017

The Kiwis are starring in the Event Rider Masters CIC3* at the Barbury International Horse Trials at the end of the dressage.


Andrew Nicholson, who is chasing a sixth consecutive three star victory at Barbury, and Nereo notched a personal best score with their 34.9 penalty point effort that puts them into second place behind Thomas Carlile (FRA) and Upsilon on 30.8.  “I think it might have helped us going after Upsilon’s beautiful test,” said Nicholson. “It made me and Nereo raise our game. Yes there was pressure, but that’s why we compete at this level.”


Jesse Campbell and his former racehorse Kaapachino sit in third on 36.1, despite an error in their test, with Sir Mark Todd and Leonidas II in fifth place on 39.5.


Campbell was relishing competing at his local event. “He (Kaapachino) was super,” he said. “It’s always nice to perform well at your local event. He is a very experienced horse and good thoroughbreds tend to give you their hearts, and that’s what he’s done for me today.”


Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy sit in third place with just the cross country to go tonight. They sit in third spot on 41.3, with Kristina Cook (GBR) and Billy the Red leading on 40.4. William Fox-Pitt (GBR) and Jock Paget’s former horse Clifton Signature are in second on 40.7. Nicholson and Swallow Springs are in fifth on 43.9.


A clutch of New Zealand combinations have finished in the top 10 of the CIC2* classes. Lucy Jackson will be rapt with her first big outing since having her baby, finishing fourth aboard Willy Do on 44.9 penalty points in the C section, with Dan Jocelyn and Grovine de Reve seventh on 46.8 and Nicholson aboard Yacabo BK eighth on 47.9. Elizabeth Halliday-Sharp (USA) and Deniro Z won the class, finishing on their dressage score of 41.3.


Nicholson was the best of the Kiwis in the D section, placing sixth aboard Urma BK on 48.7, with Blyth Tait and Lizzie Brown’s Havanna Vant Castanaehof right behind him in eighth on 50.7. The class was won by Emily King (GBR) and Walitze F Vejgard on 44.7.


Jocelyn was also part of a very spirited team of eventers, led by Zara Tindall, to take on the jump jockeys in the JCB Champions Challenge, which is held in aid of the Injured Jockeys Fund. However, they couldn’t match the jockeys, who led from the get-go.


Tonight sees the ERM cross country and showjumping, which can be seen live on eventridermasters.tv.








The horse details

Nereo owned by Libby Sellar

Kaapachino owned by Jesse and Dr Craig Campbell

Leonidas II owned by Diane Brunsden, Peter Cattell and Sir Mark Todd

Ringwood Sky Boy owned by Robert Taylor, Varenna Allen, Tim Price and selwood.com

Swallow Springs owned by Paul and Diana Ridgeon

Willy Do owned by Gillian Greenlees and Lucy Jackson

Grovine de Reve owned by Therese Miller, Jo Preston-Hunt, Philip Hunt and Dan Jocelyn

Yacabo BK owned by Andrew Nicholson

Urma BK owned by Paul and Diana Ridgeon

Havanna van’t Castaneahof owned by Katherine Corich and Lizzie Green



By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison

Photos by Libby Law/ESNZ