ESNZ High Performance

The Principles of ESNZ High Performance Programme

During 2009 a full review and re-alignment of the High Performance Programme was implemented for the sport.  This was further enhanced in 2012 with all ESNZ High Performance Strategies being updated and implemented for all disciplines. 


The High Performance strategies for all disciplines are aligned to, and operate under, the ESNZ Winning Strategy;


“Boosting New Zealand’s National and International success in equestrian sports”.


The High Performance vision for all ESNZ disciplines strive for personal best performances at World and Olympic level competition through to 2020. 


It is our belief that we will achieve this vision for all our disciplines through operating high performance programmes that are world leading, sustainable and specific to the New Zealand equestrian culture.


The key strategies behind the vision for each discipline vary slightly but the overarching strategies listed below are the ones that have proven to be effective across the HP Programme:


  • Identify, recruit, develop and retain internationally regarded high performance coaches and leaders.

  • Continue to develop a Team NZ culture that enhances performances at international competition.

  • Identify, select and support high performance riders with the ability to achieve our vision.