No Rest For The Wicked

Published 17 February 2017

By Devon van Til

Although a number of championship horses had a rest on day three of the McMillan Equine Feeds National Championship 9-12 February, however there was no rest for a handful of combinations who competed in series classes as well.

The most successful was Todd Magner and Awatuna Jonesy, had a cracking show. The combination is sitting third in the Mainland Coachwork Ltd NZ National 1.20m Horse Championship after clear jumping so far in the competition. They have continued their fabulous form on series day in the Lincoln University Junior Rider in association with Total Realty.

Magner was first out in a three way jump off and aced it, stopping the clock in 44.35 seconds. Next out was Jaimee Bird and Double J Wilma who looked to have almost matched Magner’s time, but finished slightly behind in 45.76. The last chance came from Indiana Williams and Beaumont Birdie, however they were slightly off the pace, settling for third in 49.09 seconds.

This wasn’t the only series class with three in the jump off. The Let’s Bale Pro Am in association with Rangiora Vet Centre also had just three clears rounds. First out was local Louise Marriot and Concur, so set the benchmark with a scorching time of 46.46 seconds and clear. She was followed by another clear from Gail Richardson and Eireann Bandoola, but she could not match it finishing almost three seconds slower.

Lauren Buckley and Icey Storm were last out, but the double going away from the gate was their undoing, which handed Marriot the win. It was an ironic win as local sponsors Rangiora Vet Centre “owe me some money” Marriot joked, as they are her local vets.

It was a Ngahiwi Quinella in the FMG Young Rider title class with the only two clears coming from Steffi Whittaker aboard Ngahiwi Cruise and Kimberley Bird aboard Ngahiwi Summer. First out in the jump off Whittaker had an unfortunate slip away from the gate and had to pull off a full sized oxer. She continued to complete with just a time fault to add, which totalled five faults. She may have thought she had let the title slip, however Bird had an unfortunate eight faults in the jump off to give Whittaker the win.

Tayler Nadler and Icebreaker ll in the Newstalk ZB NZ National 1.10m Horse Championship was the only combination to hold their lead in the three championships competed for on day 3. In the T&M Nurseries 1.10m Pony Championship Jordan van Miltenburg and Harrison James has moved up to take the lead going into the final day.

The Equissage NZ National 1.20m Open Pony Championship also had a shuffle in the leader board with Sophie Scott and Benrose Playtime moving into pole position.

The crowds flocked out towards the cross country for the Tavern Harewood NZ National Derby Championship at the end of the day. It became a fabulous spectacle starting and finishing over show jumps in the main arena and out through the cross country in between. Judged under Table C, there wasn’t a clear round jumped, with rails adding 4 seconds to time. The least faults came for Kirsty Sharapoff and Shoot The Breeze, with just one rail. This kept her time down and she smoked around the cross to take the win.

The McMillan Equine Feeds BBQ kept the crowd ticking and an auction look place to raise funds for the Nationals. At the end of the auction riders were auctioned off for the Moa charity event ‘Who Jumped It Best?’.

The pairs speed class was thoroughly enjoyed by the flock of people lining the railings. Guest riders from multiple disciplines rode ponies around the first half of the course and the pony riders finished the second half on Shetland steeplechase ponies. The fabulous guest riders were World Champion driver Dexter Dunn, winning jockey Samantha Wayne, Polo legend Dean Geddes, Horse Breaker Steve Houston and Eventer Amanda Brown. Over $1,000 was raised for the NZ Neurological Foundation.


RESULTS - McMillan Equine Feeds National Championships Day 3

Second Competition Newstalk ZB NZ National 1.10m Horse Championship: Tayler Nalder (Cust) Icebreaker ll 1, Grace Manera (West Melton) Vittoria 2, Harriet Gardiner (Timaru) Artic Invader 3, Molly Buist-Brown (Burnham) Prestige 4, Amy McMullan (Timaru) Silversmith 5, Amalia Rowley (Timaru) Mexico ll 6.

Second Competition Equissage NZ National 1.20m Open Pony Championship in association with Fiber Fresh: Annabel Francis (Darfield) Te Mata Miss 1, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Benrose Playtime 2, Steffi Whittaker (Springston) Moonlight Glow 3, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Waiotahi Belle 4, Grace Manera (West Melton) Rednalhgih Cowan 5, Gretchen Anderson (West Coast) Tallyho Cleopatra 6.

Second Competition T&M Nurseries NZ National 1.10m Pony Championship: Jordan van Miltenburg (Southland) Harrison James 1, Leah Zydenbos (Christchurch) Mt Tulloch Royal Falcon 2, Holly Crean (Mt Selfe) Ellen Vanin Untouchable 3, Eloise Beattie (Dunedin) Demi Quaver 4, Sophie Townsend (West Melton) Tallyho Neptune 5, Olivia Harkerss (Leeston) Brooklee Banknote 6.

FMG Young Rider Series: Steffi Whittaker (Springston) Ngahiwi Cruise 1, Kimberley Bird (Ashburton) Ngahiwi Summer 2, Harry Feast (West Melton) Double J Bouncer 3, Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) Portofino 4, Annabel Francis (Darfield) Glenara Vintage Rose 5, Arabella Jarman (Ohoka) Pukatea Kokomo 6.

Let’s Bale Pro Am: Series Louise Marriot (Rangiora) Concur 1, Gail Richardson (Southland) Eireann Bandoola 2, Lauren Buckley (Queenstown) Icey Storm 3, Devon van Til (Woodend) Winterberg 4, Larissa Srhoy (Loburn) Rockquest 5, Kirsty Sharapoff (Christchurch) Shoot The Breeze 6.

Lincoln University Junior Rider Series: Todd Magner (West Coast) Awatuna Jonesy 1, Jaimee Bird (Ashburton) Double J Wilma 2, Indiana Willaims (Gore) Beaumont Birdie 3, Kate Beattie (Dunedin) Smartymarty 4, Georgie Goodworth (Cust) Golden Mile 5, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Benrose Rockstar 6.

Lincoln University Junior Rider Equitation Series: Jaimee Bird (Ashburton) Double J Wilma 1, Todd Magner (West Coast) Awatuna Jonesy 2, Florence Tapley (Pigeon Bay) Ngahiwi Call Girl 3=, Indiana Willaims (Gore) Beaumont Birdie 4, Kate Beattie (Dunedin) Smartymarty 5, Tayler Nalder (Cust) Icebreaker 11.

Caledonian Holdings Amateur Rider Series: Kirstin Beaven (West Melton) La Riviere 1, Georgie Power (Timaru) Flirtini 2, Candace Kingsbury (Ashburton) Miss Serendipity 3, Jacquita Farquhar (Otago) Rustic Moonlight 4, Harriet Gardiner (Timaru) Artic Invader 5, Angela Ruddenklau (Christchurch) Arovet Li 6.

Cortaflex 7 Year Old Series: Olivia Brown (Ashley Downs) RH Kukumoa 1.

Mitavite 6 Year Old Series: Tegan Fitzsimon (West Melton) Winderrmere Cappuccino 1, Georgie Palmer (Christchurch) Llama, Georgie Power (Timaru) Flirtini 3, Kirstin Beaven (West Melton) La Riviere 4, Katie Meredith (Ohoka) Ngahiwi Double Cross 5, Harry Feast (West Melton) Bonjour SPH 6.

East Coast Performance Horses 5 year old: Georgina Palmer (Christchurch) Casanova NZPH 1, Annabel Francis (Darfield) Catapult Extreme 2, Harry Feast (West Melton) Double J Barman 3, Molly Buist-Brown (Burnham) Vali 4, Georgie Goodworth (Cust) Roxette ECPH 5, Amanda Roy (Gore) Dexter HSH 6.

Tavern Harewood NZ National Horse Derby Championship: Kirsty Sharapoff (Christchurch) Shoot The Breeze 1, Emily Cammock (West Melton) Shaw Lee 2, Todd Magner (West Coast) Kawaka Concorde 3, Brent Jury (Cust) SE Hedging 4, Brodie Roberts (Rangiora) Playmaker 5.