Nothing Tipsey About Wilson’s GP Win

Published 11 September 2017

Claire Wilson may like to play down McMillans Tipsey as "a little, brown unassuming homebred mare" but she's a real little superstar who just happened to take out the Grand Prix at the first big show of the season at the two day Pukahu Show.

"I nearly lost my way in the first round so had to swing around to a massive oxer on a wonky approach but Tips just dealt with it like the ultimate trouper," said Wilson, who just two months ago had a rod taken out of her femur. “She really does have the biggest heart."

The win meant she has won at Grand Prix level every year for a decade.

"I am insanely proud of her," said Wilson. "She was the oldest and smallest in the class and her rider rode like a muppet, but despite all that she still won."

Wilson admitted the "freaky" little horse often scared her at home, but more than made up for the behaviour when it came to the business end of shows.

Just two of the 12 starters came through to the jump-off Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) and Mandalay Cove were first out and double clear in 35.25 seconds, with Wilson flying home in 33.7.

Also in the prize-winning line-up was new mum Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) who had Sophie on July 31. This weekend she placed fifth in the Grand Prix aboard LT Holst Andrea.

Ruby Mason (Napier) aboard Mr Acho took the honours in the Country TV Pony Grand Prix class, with Sophie Scott (Wellington) and Benrose Playtime second.

In the show hunter classes, Chloe Hansen (Opiki) and the very well performed Enja MVNZ won the champion of show, with June Berrington (Whakatane) and Kiwi Iron Mark reserve.

RESULTS - Showjumping 

Dunstan Horsefeeds and Equifibre Horse Grand Prix Series: Claire Wilson (Waipukurau) McMillans Tipsey 1, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Mandalay Cove 2, Geordie Bull (Atiamuri) Forest Hill 3, Oliver Croucher (Rotorua) Waitangi Wifi 4, Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 5, Oliver Edgecombe (Waipukurau) Ultra Blue NZPH 6.

Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series: Ruby Mason (Napier) Mr Acho 1, Sophie Scott (Wellington) Benrose Playtime 2, Phoebe Burns (Hastings) Galaxy Masterpiece 3, Tyla Hackett (Waiuku) The Dreamer 4, Parys Marshall (Auckland) Spot You Later 5, Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Fun House 6.

FMG Young Rider Series: Georgia Massie (Dannevirke) Larinium LS 1. Brayden Aarts (Auckland) Binverter 2, Matt Irvine (Takapau) Wall Street III 3, Laura Inkster (Clevedon) Oporaes Jackamoe 4, Brayden Aarts (Auckland) LT Holst Aunty Annette 5, Oliver Croucher (Rotorua) Waitangi Wifi 6.

Dunstan Horsefeeds and Equifibre Junior Rider Series: Maia Coster (Tauranga) Landenfeld 1, Emma Watson (Morrinsville) Oscar Star 2, Emelia Forsyth (Clevedon) Joia Hara 3, Ruby Mason (Napier) Peggy Blue 4, Emmie Mulinder (Havelock North) Cheltenham 5, Emmie Mulinder (Havelock North) Roxborough 6.

Caledonian Holdings Amateur Rider Series: Sofie Dever (Kotemaori) Two Face 1, Dana Sutton (Palmerston North) Down Wind 2, Jacqui Symes (Waipukurau) Double J Recall 3, Jo Bell (Atiamuri) Rewae 4, Trish Ranstead (Wainuiomata) Santa Rita 5, Noni Morgan (Hastings) Secret Keeper 6.

Purepine Shavings Seven-Year-Old Series: Lucy Fell (Longburn) Faratona STS 1, Julie Davey (Hastings) JD Ruby 2, Danielle Maurer (Auckland) Yalambis Gucci Girl 3, Julie Davey (Hastings) Ngahiwi Stone 4, Robert Steele (Dannevirke) Delta Blue 5, Daniel Webb (Hunterville) Comanche Chief 6.

Mitavite Six-Year-Old Series: Lucy Fell (Longburn) Big and Rich, Jesse Linton (Hastings) Caption NZPH, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Central Park, Alex Loiselle (Ocean Beach) Charlie NZPH, Maurice Beatson (Dannevirke) Clear Choice, Amanda Pottinger (Havelock North) Good Timing and Daniel Blundell (Auckland) McCaw MVNZ =1.

East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Logan Massie (Dannevirke) Double J Kelvin 1.


RESULTS - Show Hunter

Cat A ESNZ HOYQ High Points Pony 70cm: Madison Fitness (Hastings) Kahula Remember Me 1, Madison Fitness (Hastings) KS Royalty 2, Michaela Haines (Otaki) Deeplake Fascination 3, Olivia Haines (Otaki) Apache Joe 4, Jamie Hogg (Wanganui) Highdel Just Remember 5.

Burger King Cat B HOYQ High Points 80cm: Tessa Mason (Napier) Rumpity Bump 1, Anna Wilson (Waipukurau) Mount Tullock Skylark 2, Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Ashbury Robin Hood 3, Hannah Von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Matai SB 4, Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Pinewood Jitterbug 5.

ESNZ Pony Rider Equitation Series 80cm: Tess Gordon (Havelock North) Ataahua Captivate 1, Abigail Pratt (Palmerston North) Common Cents 2, Abe Baker (Pauatahanui) Tawa 3, Penny Borthwick (Masterton) Ashbury Robin Hood 4, Ella Von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 5.

Aniwell Cat C HOYQ High Points 90cm: Tess Gordon (Havelock North) Ataahua Captivate 1, Dylan James Bibby (Onga Onga) Daisy Patch 2, Ella Von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 3, Kate Wellington (Hastings) Prima Donna Gem 4, Annie Moffett (Napier) Piripi 5.

Pukahu Show Hunter Champion: Tess Gordon (Havelock North) Ataahua Captivate. Reserve: Dylan James Bibby (Onga Onga) Daisy Patch.

ESNZ Adult Rider Equitation Series 1m: Chloe Hansen (Opiki) Enja MVNZ 1, Laura Van Velthooven (Palmerston North) Montbelle Donahue 2, Lena Donandt (Carterton) Argenteneul 3, June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 4, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Gummi Bear 5.

ESNZ Junior Rider Equitation Series 1m: Georgia Beatson (Wellington) Benrose Rock Star 1, Nicholas O’Leary (Wanganui) Tauanui Helana 2, Zoe Gordon (Havelock North) Scandal 3, Mollie Moffett (Napier) Kiwi Dula 4, Isabella Collier (Gisborne) Silver Coin 5.

NRM HOYQ Horse High Points 1.1m: Chloe Hansen (Opiki) Enja MVNZ 1, Kate Ward (Waipukurau) McMillans Clearmont MVNZ 2, Ashleigh Forde (Hastings) My Gummi Bear 3, Sophie Fisher (Cambridge) Zig Zag 4, June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 5.

Pukahu Show Hunter Open Horse Champion: Chloe Hansen (Opiki) Enja MVNZ. Reserve: June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark.